Maintainor Liquid

Maintainor® Liquid cards are designed specifically to ensure effective heat stabilization of fresh, or frozen, liquid samples when using the Stabilizor™ system.

  • Facilitate rapid and effective sample collection
  • Ensure effective heat transfer during treatment
  • Provide optimal conditions for sample transport and long-term storage

To enhance heat transfer and prevent oxidation during heat stabilization and storage, Maintainor Liquid cards are constructed with fluoropolymer foils. Designed for one time use, the cards are manufactured from inert materials to remove any risk of contamination that could interfere with downstream analysis. The cards can be stored at room temperature and at temperatures as low as -80°C after liquid stabilization.

Product specifications:

Material                             Hydrophobic, low binding Teflon® foils
Sample type                       Volume 25µl - 1ml
Sample size                       Liquid samples - fresh or frozen
Operating temperature      -80°C to 120°C

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Ordering information

Limitations on use: The Stabilizor system and its consumables are sold for research use only.